Kellie - Owner & Founder


Kellie Mathes E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP® and Tier 2 Baptiste Certified Teacher

Kellie has been practicing yoga since 2008.  She fell in love with the discipline while looking for a way to find strength during her battle with breast cancer and the side-effects of chemotherapy, surgeries and other medical procedures.  She began taking gentle yoga classes and before long, became as physically strong and mentally confident as she was pre-diagnosis.  Within a few short months of practicing yoga, she was stronger than she had ever been, which led her to seek out more challenging classes. During her quest for a greater challenge, she discovered hot and power yoga and has been practicing and training in this discipline since.  In 2009, with a lot of encouragement from friends, Kellie began teaching yoga to a small group of friends.  She credits the discipline with bringing her mind and body back to life and she is passionate about sharing these healing benefits with her students.  In 2011, she opened her first yoga studio with partners and today she is sole proprietor of two yoga studios in Illinois, Go Yoga! Express and Go Yoga! Express Belleville.  Kellie teaches yoga classes, leads workshops, yoga teacher training programs and continuing education classes.   


When I started going to Kellie’s hot yoga classes I was someone who had never done yoga before. I was afraid everyone else would know what to do and that I would stick out. The one and only reason I continued to go to Kellie’s classes was because of Kellie. She never made anyone feel less than and actually she encouraged everyone regardless of their level. I never felt intimidated in her classes and that is purely because of the tone she sets. She is a patient teacher who is down to earth. It is clear that she loves what she does and wants to share her passion with others. The community that is created when Kellie is teaching is something that is rare in yoga studios. Since moving I have tried several studios, but none of the instructors have lived up to my experience with Kellie.  Kellie sets the bar high and if you want to learn yoga as a newbie or continue your practice she is an amazing instructor with a heart of gold.

Erin Hempen

So welcoming for all fitness levels and lots of room at the new studio... Kellie is a fabulous instructor... come check it out!

Ashly Patterson

My gosh it feels so Good to get back to "hot yoga". If Kellie were in Indiana, I would make the 3 hour drive to take her class. It's worth it folks!!

Loretta Standley



Rachael Rhodes E-RYT 200

In 2011 I found yoga while living in South Florida after a flare up of an old knee injury. After experiencing the physical and emotional life changing benefits of what yoga offers it didn't take long for me to figure out that I wanted to become a yoga instructor so that I would be able to share the incredible gifts yoga had given me. After moving back to the St. Louis I received my 200 hour certification in Vinyasa Yoga from Yoga Six STL in 2015 and have been teaching since!


Great Power flow!  I enjoyed how Rachael gave us time to play with our poses as well as giving us many different options.

Cyndi O.

Rachael is amazing.  Her knowledge and explanation is on point.  I feel like she makes me better every class.

Mark K.



Jaime Conway RYT 200

Jaime Conway started yoga in January of 2013 as part of her journey to fitness.  Jaime started yoga twice a week to help with her commitment to a healthier lifestyle.  There her commitment blossomed into the love of yoga and the community.  Jaime’s passion for yoga was clear and continues to push her on and off the mat daily both mentally and physically.  Jaime earned her 200 hours through Brown Dog Yoga in November 2015.  Jaime enjoys teaching power vinyasa flow classes and offering modifications as well as challenges to her students to learn new postures.



Amanda Kucharczyk RYT 200

 Amanda started yoga the summer of 2015 with a group of girlfriends at Kellie's house. What started off as just another way to work out, turned into a journey of self discovery and improvement. The decision to become a yoga instructor came from the desire to become a better mother, wife and all around person. Amanda completed her 200 hours through Brown Dog Yoga in March of 2017. She enjoys a vinyasa flow practice that challenges both the mind and body.  



Katie Hoerner RYT 200

 Katie is a mom, wife, and high school teacher who discovered yoga while recovering from an injury. At the time, she was convinced that running was the only exercise that could bring her the fulfilling feeling of an exercise-induced endorphin rush. That changed as she struggled through her first class and found herself invigorated by the challenges that yoga provided for her body and mind. It was yoga’s ability to push the limits of the physical and spiritual that truly captured Katie’s attention.Katie completed her 200 hour teacher training with Caroline Wells at Brown Dog Yoga with the hopes of improving her personal yoga practice. While completing the program, however, Katie learned the power of sharing yoga and was inspired to bring it to others as a vehicle for healing, focus, and reinvigoration.Katie believes that through a mindful, vigorous flow, inner peace and mental clarity can be attained. Katie’s classes incorporate the use of breath, balance, and flow to help students experience the full mind/body experience of yoga. She is thankful for the supportive and generous community of yogis she has encountered and is eager to spread that sense of community to her students. 



Lisa Struewing RYT 200

Lisa was encouraged to try yoga in 2013 with a friend and quickly fell in love. After nearly 20 years of running she quickly quickly realized the benefit of combining yoga to her daily fitness regimen. Coming initially for the physical workout and finding so much more. Lisa fully believes in the body, breath, and mind connection and loves the energy shared within a class. Lisa is passionate about inspiring and encouraging her students to find the joy and possibilities of showing up to your mat. Showing up, not to reach perfection or mastery, but continually growing and being challenged. Lisa is a wife and mom of two and loves to practice together as a family. Lisa became 200 hour RYT certified under Kellie Mathes and Caroline Wells at Go! Yoga Express in December, 2017. Lisa offers both vinyasa and hatha style classes. 



Matthew Allison RYT 200

In 2003, Matthew reluctantly attended his first yoga class on a date.  Although that date didn't lead to any subsequent encounters, he found friendship and community within the yoga studio.  Matthew is the 1st place Midwest winner in 2006 and 2007 Bishnu Gosh Championship.  Matthew began teaching yoga in 2007 and was certified as an instructor in 2010.  Matthew finds that practicing yoga provides a welcome balance to his career as a musician; it helps him relieve tension from hours of practicing flute, and it also provides him a way of expressing himself through movement.  He enjoys both the creativity of the asanas and the discipline of the classes. 



Shannon Hayden RYT 200

Shannon fell in love with yoga as a teenager. She found it was one of the only places were everything felt right. One evening, when her teacher read a quote stating, “control your mind and you control your circumstance”, she realized the immeasurable power of the practice. After a five day retreat in the jungle of Thailand, Shannon knew teaching was the next step in the process. She holds two Yoga Alliance 200 hour certifications through Pure Hot Yoga in Springfield, Missouri and Brown Dog Yoga in Belleville, Illinois. Shannon has an enveloping passion and innate curiosity for learning more about yoga and associated practices. As a graduate student in psychology, she had the opportunity to develop research projects exploring benefits of mindfulness and yoga in education. Shannon connected with various practitioners by attending conferences, workshops, and retreats around the world, but no matter where she is at, the practice always feels like home. She believes this aspect of growth and connection is what makes yoga unique. Shannon is passionate about inspiring others to seek freedom of expression within their yoga practice and tap into the wild spirit that resides within all of us.



Sara Martinez

Sara first tried Yoga in high school as another form of fitness to add to her regimen. She didn’t like how slow, boring, and unchallenging it felt. She tried it a few times then wrote it off. At age 27 she decided to try it out again. She was leaving her past world of bodybuilding and searching for something different. Battling with some mental health struggles, she knew she needed a new path. She tried the new student special at Go Yoga Express and after her first week she was hooked. It was the first time she had ever felt something bring such peace to her mind, body, and spirit. She did not come to yoga this time hoping to just help her fitness, she came hoping to find peace & love within herself, and she found so much more. After a couple months she signed up for the Yoga Teacher Training at Go Yoga Express and completed her 200 hour RYT in May 2018. A couple months later she began the Yoga Shred training. 



Cyndi Oberle-Dahm


Cyndi began practicing yoga over 15 years ago as a way to keep her flexibility and strength, and over that time, she has deepened her study by attending multiple workshops and master classes.  She recently completed her 200 RYT in December of 200 with Kellie Mathes at Go Yoga Express, finally realizing her goal. Cyndi offers approachable power flow classes as well as slow flow classes that focus more on breath and deep stretching.  All of Cyndi’s classes incorporate the mind body connection that serves as a path to deep peace and healing. She hopes to inspire students to find a balance between flexibility and strength, and to use the physical practice to calm and center the mind.  Cyndi is excited to share her knowledge and practice with the yoga community as she believes that the practice of yoga and its myriad of benefits is accessible to all people, regardless of their age or fitness level.