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Hot Fitness Yoga & HIIT

Strengthen and stretch your muscles to create stability in the body anchored from the core. Our most popular class on our schedule Some Like it Hot!, is a powerful yoga class that incorporates deep stretching and static holds for ultimate strength and flexibility. The pace is perfect for beginners and the challenge keeps advanced practitioners coming back time and time again! If you like to know what you’re getting, this set sequence is perfect for you. Yes, this is hot yoga, practiced at temps above 100 degrees! Don’t let that scare you. We have beginners nearly every day and people love it!

Inferno HIIT! is a specialty offering that is exclusive to our studio. We combine hot yoga, temps in the 90’s, with high intensity interval training to deliver a workout that even the strongest athletes find challenging at max level.

Power Flow Yoga

Build strength, flexibility, balance and coordination with creative movement designed to take your yoga practice to new levels, with a variety of flow sequences and poses. These classes combine dynamic movement with beginner through advanced yoga poses, in a warm room. The classes are perfect for anyone who loves variety and can be practiced with varying degrees of intensity. Expect to see arm balances & headstand options in these classes. And no worries, you can sit out advanced poses or learn a variation that’s right for you.

Stretch & Strength Yoga

Create ease in your body and mind as you deeply stretch your muscles to improve your range of motion. This class artfully combines the elements of deep stretch and moderate strength conditioning to contribute to your overall vitality. Expect a slow flow style experience, accessible to all levels of fitness, perfect for beginners and a must to balance tight areas of the body in high-level athletes.

Live with Intention

We offer powerful yoga classes and personal growth and development courses that help people live their best life! Hot and Power Yoga classes are our specialty. We are home to the area’s most popular hot yoga classes, Some Like it Hot! Our large and open studio space welcomes hundreds of practitioners each week.

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